Interactive and Informational Website:

Interactive Website

We Remember Anne Frank. Scholastic Inc, 1996. Web. 14 Feb. 2010.


This is an interactive website where students participate in an online project involving Anne Frank. While using this website students will learn about historical events through a time line, understand how events in Europe during the Nazi's rise to power impacted the lives of real people, become familiar with terms and places associated with the Holocaust and improve content-area reading skills learn to do online research. The website also has Anne Frank activities and WWII activities. This would be a great way to make learning about WWII fun for students by incorporating the online activities opposed to reading out of a text book.

Informational Website

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. “The Holocaust.” Holocaust Encyclopedia. http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/?ModuleId=10005143 (accessed February 15, 2010).


This website provides sufficient information about Anne Frank and the Holocaust. The website gives specific dates along with personal information and feelings about this time period. There are also related links and articles provided with the website. I will be using a lot of the material provided in this website along with related articles and related links. I chose this website because it gives great information along with additional links.